about us

pack lavazem, with several years of experience in designing and manufacturing various of packaging machines (specialized light pack machines) with the aim of small business and home business and soon-yield business to prepare and provide low cost and portable machines with compete price and has economic justifiability of costs.

most machines can be easily used in all restaurants and food caterers, protein stores, nuts and confectioneries, production workshops and shops for pickles ,jams and mushrooms, vegetable shredders and dairy products, and all centers that  need to pack disposable and hygienic containers with unlimited use.

we are a member of iran trade development organization, iran chamber of commerce, industry, mining and agriculture, iran industrial equipment manufacturers association (satsa) iran packaging science and technology associations and producers and attending various domestic exhibitions to continue exports to countries such as georgia, iraq, turkey, UAE, etc., is a step towards the promotion of our dear iran.